International Gospel Minister’s Conference (IGMC) of the hour is a gospel ministers’ forum designed to prosecute a definite divine end-time vision, program, and project given by the Lord to prepare the church for the rapture.

It began in November 2000 at Lagos Nigeria and has continued to spread across the globe.

IGMC’ is not just another conventional ministers’ conference as abounding today, but one that is addressing a specific end time vision and project, other than the general concerns of church administration, welfare, and management.

IGMC of the hour is given solely to address the preparation of the church for the return of the Master and Saviour, Jesus Christ to take away the Saints – The Rapture.

The IGMC’ Visioner/Host minister, Pastor Aloysius Chukwuemeka Ohanebo is the General Superintendent of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, and over a hundred thousand membership nationwide. In his 32 years in ministry as the leader of a Movement saddled with the task of prosecuting the Second Exodus (mass movement of men from diverse errors and ungodly practices to the liberating truth of the gospel of Christ), Pastor Ohanebo has excelled as a pastor, evangelist, Christian leader, and well sought-after Bible teacher.

A trained quantity surveyor, Pastor Ohanebo has built into himself (as is usual with quantity surveyors) the carefulness, meticulousness and precision of a construction economist, virtues he has brought to bear in his ministry and leadership. He has come to be specially known for the “revelation-messages” he dishes out from time to time in which the mind of God for the hour is revealed.

The non-denominational International Gospel Ministers’ Conference (IGMC) of The Hour,  which he champions with his congregation, has been a tremendous blessing to many ministers of the gospel – pastors, evangelists, church leaders, missionaries, and other Church workers who convoke from Nigeria and several parts of the world to hear about God’s Three-fold End-time Project, which He revealed to Pastor Ohanebo for today’s Church.

The 3-fold end‐time project entails, Raising a mighty army of believers from various denominations, for a great harvest of souls, preparing the Church for the rapture, having fulfilled the pre-rapture necessities.

The IGMC’ affords gospel ministers the opportunity to connect with God’s eleventh-hour business   (The End-Time Project), reawakening and empowering them to engage in the project for their personal benefits and that of their congregations.

Pastor Ohanebo has continued over the years, in various IGMC’s fora to dish out from time to time, updates on the End-Time project and the mind of God for the Hour.




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