The Intent and Purpose

It is common knowledge that all things which God does or allows are always done or allowed for some purposes (cons. John 13:4-15; Jer. 29:11). Therefore, IGMC of the hour has been arranged by the Lord for the following purposes:‑


(i)   Selling and maintaining the above pieces of revelation‑knowledge as to the time now, and as to His 3‑fold end‑time project in the church of Christ through His ministers ‑ the angels of the churches (Rev.2:1,18,12; 3:1,7,14).


(ii)   Working His glory into His servants, so as to facilitate the realization of the said 3‑fold end‑time project.


(iii)      Transforming His ministers into mighty men and women of valour (in other words, able ministers of the New Testament), able to contain the surge of the spiritual tsunamis of this end-time (cons. 2Tim. 3:17; 2Cor. 3:5-6).


(iv)   Fostering the realization of Christ’s earnest request for the oneness of the saints (Eph. 4:   11-13; Jn. 17:11,20-21).


Having now been through on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the IGMC of the hour, what response does God expect from anyone that hears these things. The only appropriate response is that one should ask the Lord whether these things are true (cp. Acts 17:10-11), and once cleared, the one should join this chariot of men and women of God that are involved in this God’s eleventh‑hour business. To do otherwise is to do oneself and one’s congregation eternal harm.


The following is a brief review of the conference from inception –


In the year 2000, IGMC of the hour was inaugurated in Lagos with the theme, “raising the great army for the great harvest”.  This inaugural session, which attracted about 3000 participants, not only defined the constituent parts of the 3-fold end-time project (stated before in this text), but also painted a clear picture of the army of believers the Lord is bent on raising, as follows:-


(I)        an army of believers with loins girded with the belt-armor of truth (the truth of God’s word and truthfulness) (Eph. 6:14).


(ii)       an army of believers wearing the breastplate of righteousness (the righteousness of Christ imputed to them and their own right-living (Romans 10:4; 1 Corinthians 1:30; Philippians 3:9 and Matthew 5:20)


(iii)      an army of saints with feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace (Ephesians 6:15).


(iv)      an army of Christians wielding the shield of faith (Ephesians 6:16).

(v)       an army of saints wearing the helmet of salvation (Ephesians 4:17; 1 Thessalonians 5:8).


(vi)      an army wielding the sword of the Spirit and the spiritual sword of the believer (the word of God) (Ephesians 6:17; Hebrews 4:11).


(vii)     an army watching and praying always in the Spirit with all perseverance (Ephesians 6:18)


(viii)    an army harnessed with the fruits and gifts of the Spirit for impeccable Christian life and

effective service to God (                                                ).


The conference also handed down profound details of what the Lord wants to do with regard to the second aspect of the project, i.e. “bringing about a great harvest of souls into the kingdom”, as well as the third aspect i.e., “preparing the church for the rapture”.


Aside from the above, the conference taught on the Lord’s strategy for executing the project.  The strategy is to raise “mighty men of valour” or “able ministers of the New Testament” (               ).  Details of the pre-requisite characteristics that must be found in the prospects, as well as the medium for making them “mighty men of valour, were also given and that medium is The International Gospel Ministers’ Conference Of The Hour.


Finally, the conference reviewed both the short-term and long-term results, once these mighty men of valour are made.


  IGMC Of The Hour, 2001


The IGMC of the hour 2001, also held in Lagos in September, had the theme; “raising glorious ministers of the glorious gospel of Christ for these last days”.  The meeting was attended by about 3600 ministers from various parts of the world.


In this second conference, the inaugural session was reviewed and the two reasons underlying the 3-fold end-time project, namely: the fact that we were 5 minutes to midnight and that now is the day of the Lord, were exhaustively taught and proved.


In this conference ministrations that bothered on the making of the mighty men of valour, which is the key to achieving the 3-fold end-time project were part of the highlights of the meeting.


  IGMC Of The Hour, 2002


The International Gospel Ministers’ Conference of the hour 2002, was the 3rd in the series.  The theme was, “turning the multitudes within and without to the Lord their God”.  The meeting attracted about 5000 participants from several parts of the world.


During this session, the Lord’s 3-fold end-time project was once more reviewed and the modalities for turning the multitudes within and without to the Lord their God-given.  In this session also, the sight was not lost on the issue of turning the participants (Ministers of the gospel)  into mighty men of valour


  IGMC Of The Hour, 2003


The 2003 conference was the 4th in the series, and was a spectacle to behold, as about 6500 men and women of God thronged the 30,000 capacity Rock Chapel of the Watchman Catholic  Charismatic Renewal Movement.


Apart from the usual review of the Lord’s 3-fold end-time project which the conference was established to address and prosecute, this session was rather electrifying (as it were), as multitudes of God’s servants came under such mysteries of the kingdom that were dug up to build God’s glory into the men and women to whom it has been given to facilitate the imminent great harvest and have the church ready for the rapture.  Such ministrations as, “good coming out of evil”, “twelve thousand opinions”, “a second exodus determined” and others are still working in the lives and ministries of many of the participants.


  IGMC Of The Hour, 2004


This 5th session of this unique conference attended by about 8000 participants was a strategic one indeed.  For one thing; before it was packaged and executed in October 2004, the Lord had further intimated that we are now about 2½ minutes to midnight.  This word of knowledge came in April 2004, five years after the word of the Lord in April 1999 that we were 5 minutes to the mid-night.


Now, logically or mathematically speaking, does this imply that the rapture will take place in April 2009 (5 years from April 2004)?  The answer is NO since NO MAN can predict or have a revelation of the exact date or time of the Lord’s return (see Matthew 24:36).  The only thing that can be safely said is that “there is no more time”.  The rapture could be one day, three months, ten years, three weeks or one year away from now.


IGMC Of The Hour, 2005


IGMC 2005 was a very special one indeed.  (1) It was likely to be the last that will be held on a global note, that is, bringing the entire ministers across the globe together.  Decentralization appeared inevitable if the vision being disseminated must reach its destinations fast.  (2) The conference focussed on the times in which we live.  From the word of knowledge received from the Lord, (as before stated), we were then  2½ minutes to midnight.  The Lord also confirmed that the project in our hands is “an eleventh-hour business”.  This informed the theme of the year conference, “In Times Like These”.


The meeting was designed to highlight the critical phenomena of “these times”, as well as point to those things we must constantly keep abreast of and engage-in at such times like these.  Remember, the Lord Jesus lamented the inability of the Jews to discern what God had in stock for them, and they were the worse for it (Luke 19:41-44).


At the 7th session of this special Gospel Ministers’ gathering in 2006, it became pertinent that after this 7th session, the conference will no longer hold annually and generally at a given location as usual.  Rather, subsequent meetings will henceforth take place in designated regions of the world, at suitable times and places.


The 2006 conference was attended by about 10,000 ministers from over 42 countries of the world. The spiritual Tsunamis of the end-time against the Church, and how to contain them was the theme of the year’s conference the need to identify these spiritual Tsunamies and effectively combat them to save the Church, restore faith, and prepare the Church for rapture as a dire need and responsibility of the ministers was stressed.


The International Gospel Ministers’ Conference (IGMC) of the Hour has continued to be held in various regions of the world namely, Eastern, Western and Northern Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, United States of America, The Caribbean Islands. A number of conferences have also been held on sub-regional notes across Nigeria and Lagos in particular.


It is worthy of note, that the IGMC of the hour, has begun to achieve the prayer of the Lord “That they may be one flock and one shepherd” Jn.10:16, as ministers of the gospel of Christ with diverse doctrinal persuasions and inclinations are now embracing and pursuing this one common goal of preparing the church for the rapture, minding the same thing and speaking the same thing.


Dear Ministers of the gospel, what could be more rewarding than getting involved in God’s urgent and imminent assignment for the hour.


May we request you dear Minister of the gospel to join tis end-time chariot of the LORD